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Frequently asked questions about our courses

Course Attendance

Please note that 100% attendance is required for the successful completion of the course.


Original prerequisite certifications must be presented at the start of each course. Please consult the individual course descriptions to determine what is required.


Previous experience or knowledge is not required, but an open mind and willingness to learn is mandatory!

Unsuccessful completion of a course

Standard First Aid course utilize continuous evaluation. Unsuccessful candidates are required to retake the full course.

What you need to bring to a course

You will need to bring the original certification of the prerequisite required for the course. Be sure to consult individual course descriptions for prerequisites required. Course materials and schedules will be discussed on the first day. Other items you may be required to bring include comfortable clothing, notebook/paper, pens/pencils and lunch/dinner/snacks.

Is there any course material available?

The Canadian First Aid Manual from The Canadian Red Cross is a required material for the SFA + CPR-C course. The cost of this manual is included in the course fee, and will be provided to participants when they attend the course.

Deadline for Registration

Please make sure you complete registration and payment 5 business days before the course date.

Course Enrolments

The courses we offer have an enrolment limit, so please don't wait till the last minute to sign up.

Course Restrictions

Please know your exam schedule prior to registering for a course. Participants are not permitted to register for a course if they have an exam on the listed date(s) the courses are offered.

Non-UTSC students

Student outside the University of Toronto campuses can register for our courses as well.

More Questions

If you have anymore questions or inquires, feel free to write to us at finance@emrgatutsc.com.